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May 8, 2024
Sep 22, 2002
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Jul 16, 1971 (Age: 53)
Los Alamos, NM
Automotive tech


Super Moderator, Male, 53, from Los Alamos, NM

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4 Jeeps too many Nov 10, 2015

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May 8, 2024
    1. eti engineer
      eti engineer
      Like the color of your Jeep....
      1. Patrick
        Transport Yellow.
        Dec 24, 2015
      2. eti engineer
        eti engineer
        Mine is orange, but has a metallic sheen to it -- kind of a glaze that gives it a yellowish hue, much like yours.
        Dec 24, 2015
      3. Patrick
        It's kind of orange-ish, depending on the lighting.
        Dec 24, 2015
    2. Patrick
      4 Jeeps too many
    3. Patrick
      I guess I'm not sure what you're talking about. Did I miss something? Sorry.
    4. 72_CJ5_MUD
      I apoligize Patrick... I had a brain freeze and will pay better attention to what I am saying regarding parts. I did deal with the folks at Classic Interprise and have to say... fantastic, professional and very in-tune with r/r of body panels. I am also completely taken off-guard by AMC/ Kaiser... how strong and secure the spot welds and vertical, horizontal runs are so well placed for integrity! All I can add is steel, steel and more steel! Gunner EE, ME & Hi Energy Physics pHd (Bob works just fine Sir.) A lot of letters... but I remain more intuned to being beneath this ol CJ5 each and every day as this Forum's cred seems to breath with each and every posting...
    5. $Broke with no budget$
      $Broke with no budget$
      How do I post pics. or are junoir members not allowed, or maybe i just don't know how. Thanks guys.
    6. billybbean
      Hey Patrick, I got a set of headers for my 225 recently. Trying to figure out how to put em in. I see in your pics you have them on yours. is there any way you could send me a picture of how you ran yours? It would be a great help. Thanks Billy.
    7. 0IIII0

      You getting much smoke from that Wallow Fire? Terrible thing.....some of the prettiest forest in AZ completely gone.
    8. Howard Eisenhauer
      Howard Eisenhauer
      Never mind, still there.

    9. Howard Eisenhauer
      Howard Eisenhauer
      Patrick, i think I deleted one of Old Yeller's posts while you were deleting the other one :(

      Now i can't find the one I x'd.


    10. oldyellercj
      sorry about the cross post my bad
    11. 1993BlackYJ
      How can I change my User name I now have a CJ5 and want to change the "1993blackyj". I registered with this name so I could post a question about the Jeep I was looking at buying. Bought it! Thanks
    12. justnty
      I thought I remember you saying you had Herm's power steering kit installed on your 1970ish? The reason I ask is that I am having a REALLY hard time finding a mount for the power steering pump. I found one that fit great except that it sits directly on top of the steering box absolutely not room for hoses. Man I hope you can help me out if not I'm thinking of going another direction.

      Thanks in advance.
    13. ExpressEN1
      I have a thread started in the builds section, could you move it up to the early CJ section so maybe I can get some responses? I could not find any info by searching. With all the knowledge floating around this forum, there ought to be someone familiar with solder for body work.

    14. Patrick
      Yeah it's the dual port. It works very well. The Jeep really pulls hard with this intake and the Edelbrock carb.
    15. Phalanxx
      oops, i mean the offenhauser dual port with 4bbl carb...
    16. Phalanxx
      hey patrick,
      i have a question. in your profile, you claim to have the offenhauser intake. is that the dual port witht he seperate upper and lower single planes based from the front 2 or rear 2 barrels or is it just an offenhauser intake?
      if its the dual port with 2 bbl, how do you like it? does it increase torque as much as they claim?
      thanx bud
    17. justnty
      I've read a ton of your posts and we have very similar Jeeps, mine being a 1970 CJ5. My question to you is in regards to your spare tire and gas carrier where, what, and how much? Next I'm not sure where to start on my Jeep. I know everybody asks the same question mine appears to be 95% stock with the exception of the steering wheel and possibly column. All I really want to do is make it the safest most reliable daily driver I can. If I look at it as simple as I can I've decided to do a 1,2,3 step approach. Get it running as good as I can which means getting the hesitation out of the RMP curve. Two tighten up the steering if that means installing power steering so be it. Three change out brakes to 11" drums all the way around and hopefully include an emergency brake along the way. I'm dragging on but I just wanted to ask if you agreed with my plan and if there were any BIG safety items that I should look at doing right away that I was overlooking.
    18. sammy
    19. Dave B
      Dave B
      Good Morning! Again--and Thanks a million. I think of myself as from--almost--the horse and buggy era and any communication generated on this here computer takes 'effort'. Mostly, I have to learn to navigate on this forum and proof read my "proof read" before sending! I close with--Best Regards! P.S. ...and hope message goes to intended recipient.
    20. uncamonkey
      Can you repost the michaelross post in the greetings from chile?
      Or whatever voodoo you do?
      ER, introductions.
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    Jul 16, 1971 (Age: 53)
    Los Alamos, NM
    Automotive tech
    1967 CJ5
    225,T18,D18 twin stick
    27A one piece tie rod, D44 Powrlock, 4.88's
    33X10.50 BFGs, 15X8.5 Aluminum slots
    Warn 8K,Tomken mount, pertronix,K&N,Heddmans,
    2.5" Skyjacker, 3/4" lift rear shackles, Heckethorn shocks


    Northern New Mexico, not the desert
    '51 M38
    '48 CJ2a (sold)
    '67 Tux Park
    '59 CJ5
    '01 TJ Sport Plasti-Jeepcar (sold)
    1967 CJ5 V6 (sold)
    1971 CJ5 283 (sold)
    1970 CJ5 V6 (sold)
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